In and Out Shampoo

Cost: starts at 139.99

Exterior hand wash and dry with soft mitt (includes cleaning and shining the tires).

Clean air vents, crevices, console, windows, around the doors, wash floor mats, vacuum all interior spaces and the trunk, clean and dress all vinyl.

Steam cleaning of carpets (this removes dirt, salt and stains from the carpet).



All prices are based on a mid-sized car.



Protect your investment against sun exposure, salt, tree sap, and other elements.

Invest in:


Peace of Mind

Our Clientele is comprised of professionals who work in our Nation's Capital.

Their trust and repeat business reflect our commitment to quality and superior customer service.



We are conveniently located in the core of Ottawa.

Our underground location allows you to avoid unpredictable weather.


The Smart Choice

Park your car and let us
wash it, wax it and
worry about the details.

Go to work.

Go shopping.

Visit a museum.

Get live on Sparks Street.

Stroll the ByWard Market.

Enjoy the City.

Open Weekends

We work weekends so you don't have to.

Don't sweat it --

Enjoy the long sunny days.

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